Monday, 28 January 2013

Want to be a Millionaire? Please Read this!

It is absolutelypossible for you to start off your business with minimum requirements if youwould spend sometimes to read the article below.

When you are having high cholesterol, doctor will issuemedicine to reduce the cholesterol level but you might not know that thesemedicines are life dependent; else your cholesterol level will bounce higher.Furthermore, most of these medicines are harmful to your liver. You may consultyour doctor for the above statement.

You will be recommended to perform CABG bypass surgery ifyou are having critical atherosclerosis especially coronary arteries  but please look at the known risks:
·        Risk of death for CABG Bypass Surgery: 4.6-11.9%
·        Permanent brain injury due to CABG BypassSurgery: 15-44%
·        Percentage of extended life after CABG BypassSurgery: 2%
·        Risk of death for blood vessel prosthesis (BVP):0.4-2.8%
·        Complication of blood vessel prosthesis: 10%
·        Prevention of Atherosclerosis or extending life inperforming BVP: 0%

Sepitune – 22 years of Journey
·        Founded by Y.K Wang in 1990
·        First Experiment in 1998
·        100% herbal product and produce in Malaysia
·        Registered under Malaysia MOH in 2005

·        American Ginseng (花旗参)
o  Promoting cardiac circulation
o  may help regulate blood sugar
·        Rhizoma Ligustici Chuanxiong (川芎)
o  Promoting cardiac circulation
·        Radix Notoginseng (田七)
o  Fight plaque, lower cholesterol level
·        Savia miltiorrhiza (丹参)
o  Fight plaque and eliminate blood cots
·        Loranthus Parasiticus (桑寄生)
o  Lower blood pressure & cholesterol level

Benefits of Sepitune
·        Lower cholesterol level
·        Promote Cardiac circulation
·        Fight plaque & blood clots in arteries

      The Result of Sepitune since 2004
This supplement has been given significant result to thecoronary artery disease patients. However, we are unable to collect all theclinical result of all patients due to privacy issue but we do collect some ofthe records. We are more than happy to share the result with you.

We have collected 10 success stories with medical record.

Patient 1:
Mr. Chin (70), found unconscious at workplace and sent tohospital and later diagnosed as CAD. Due to emergency, doctor has scheduledCABG bypass surgery in Hospital Penang Malaysia.
Result: After taken Sepitune, Mr. Chin went for medicalcheckup 1 month later and was informed that the blockage was cleared.

Patient 2:
Mr. Ku (67) fainted in year 2001 and admitted to hospitallater diagnosed as CAD.
Due to financial problem, he has no option but schedule CABGbypass surgery at Penang Hospital.
Result: After taken Sepitune for 1 month, he was informedthat no surgery is required anymore because the blockage was cleared.

Patient 3:
Mr. Yee (71) was CAD patient since year 2000. He alwaysfeels dizzy and worse he is also having high blood pressure and diabetic. 2years later, his condition has become worse and arranged for a CABG bypasssurgery in Penang hospital on 24th Aug 2002.
Result: He has been informed by doctor that bypass surgeryis required anymore after Angiogram diagnosis and blockages were cleared. Nomore dizziness for Mr. Yee after taken Sepitune.

Patient 4:
Mr. Lee (79) was CAD patient and he was required to go for amonthly checkup in Ipoh private hospital. His left hand was always shaky andbreathless when climbing staircase. Unfortunately due to his age it was toorisky to go for CABG bypass surgery.
Result: Mr. Lee has started taken Sepitune on 1stOct 2002 and just after 5 days, his health condition has improvedsignificantly. 1 clear observation is his hand no longer shaky and breathing ismuch easier when climbing staircase.

Patient 5:
Mdm. Chin (63) is a heart disease patient. She had breathingdifficulty and always feel heart pain. She is also a diabetic patient andhaving high blood pressure. She was in critical condition during a heart attackin year 2002 and due to her health conditions it was too risky for operation.
Result: Mdm. Chin has started to take Sepitune on 11thJan 2003 and went for checkup on 22nd Jan 2003 in IJN. Result wasshowing that blockages were starting to clear. She is only required to attendmedical checkup every 4 months since then.

Patient 6 : Lee Kam Fook, 59, male
Lee was interviewed by magazine before about his illness.
Effects seen after five days Lee taking Sepitune, two more weeks later bloodblockages were cleared. Now after more than three years since he first tookSepitune, he is not attacked by any heart diseases.

Patient 7 : Cheong Koon Sang, 60, male
Cheong did C.A.B.G. twice ten years ago in Singapore. However two yearslater he started feeling pain in chest and hard to breathe. After takingSepitune for forty days, no more attacked by heart diseases.

Patient 8 : Foo Choon Yan, 47, male
Two weeks after taking Sepitune, blood blockages were cleared. Foo was oncesuggested by doctor to undergo P.T.C.A. surgery since he had two blood vesselsbeing clogged.

Patient 9 : Loo Fook Looi, 60, male
Loo was attacked by coronary artery disease in 1999. He had three bloodvessels being clogged, therefore he was arranged to undergo bypass surgery atPenang General Hospital in November, 2006. Loo tried Sepitune in September2006, one month later his blood blockages were cleared and did not have toundergo surgery.

Patient 10 : Tham Siew Chye, 58, male
Tham arranged to have C.A.B.G. at I.J.N. Kuala Lumpur on 6th June2007. He tried Sepitune on 28th May 2007. One week later bloodblockages started to be cleared, and did not have to undergo surgery aftermedical check-up.

For thosewho are interested or would like to become sales agent (2 for each country), please contact:
Wang YekeKhuan
Mobile:+6012 501 2627 (Malaysia)


Thursday, 27 October 2011

3 Easy Steps to get Heart Attack

It is pretty simple and straight forward to show the connection between obesity and heart attack. Again, I am not saying it will be 100% case, but this will apply to most of the cases that I have seen.

Step 1: Starting
We have all the junk foods surrounding us - you know what type of foods I am referring to.
Taking high calories foods without exercise = obese.

Step 2: Building
You will notice the building of your bad cholesterol in the blood streams due to the food that you take.
The bad cholesterol will then slowly stick to your blood vessels and form plaque. Just imagine your blood vessels are like drainage, and bad cholesterol is the rubbish.

Step 3: Explode
You have everything ready for getting yourself in heart attack - heavy weight which causes your heart to work extra hard, blockage in few of your primary arteries. Is just the matter of time now. 

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Coca Cola - The Truth

We all love to drink Coke, I have seen 3L Coke selling in US. Coke is good for kids party, birthday celebration, lunch drinks, dinner drinks.. it has its presence everywhere, every corner.

1 can of Coke contains approximately 40g of sugars = 10 tea spoons of sugars = maximum recommended sugar intake for an adult male.

Also, the label is misleading to most of us.
Go and find out more here.

I know Coke contains a lot of sugars, so I go for Diet Coke.
Myself was a classic example, during my study time couple of years back, I was drinking Pepsi Zero almost everyday, for few months. As a result, I was gaining weight. Nothing has changed in my diet, just Pepsi Zero.
Some studies show that artificial sugars are bad for health, it can make you feel more hungry, as a result taking more calories. True or not, you may find out but I don't really believe in artificial sugars.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

3 Imported Killer Foods

You have seen the local killers, now take a look at our imported killer foods.
Thanks to the multicultural society in Malaysia and I believe as a Malaysian,
we cannot resist tasty foods.
With these 3 killers my Malaysia killer foods list is now complete.

Start from third, I proudly present Pizza :), 1 slide of large pizza varies from 200-400kcal. A normal adult usually takes 2-3 slides, which = 600kcal - 1200kcal, I have not count the drinks which contributes around 200kcal. So make your own calculation!

Coming next, our all people's fast food: McDonald's
Let's take 1 McChicken regular as a sample over here.

McChicken Burger - 360kcal
French Fries - 380kcal
Drinks - 200kcal

940kcal in total, nicely add 110g of fat to your body :)

The top killer goes to KFC, the crunchy fried chicken is just too nice to eat, and added with cheezy potato wedges and carbonated drinks, finger licking good!

1 serve of snake plate:
2 fried chicken breasts - 840kcal
Mash potato - 120kcal
Cole slaw - 150kcal
Pepsi regular - 200kcal

Total = 1310kcal, which more than a standard office lady's total energy consumption.
You need to run 2 hours to burn the calories consumed.

I am not an angel who can resist all these killer foods,
all I want is to present you the truth of these foods,
how much it costs your health and I believe we all deserve to know it.
I do take these foods but it is only once in a blue moon.


KFC Nutrition Guide
Domino's Nutrition Guide
McDonald's Nutrition Guide

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Malaysia Top 5 Killer Foods (Local)

You are what you eat. Having 2 packs of nasi lemak in the morning, eating chinese mixed rice during your lunch time and Indian mixed rice for your dinner will easily give you 3000kcal. Not to mention your beverages for the day. If you are going for a happy hour with some beers. This will add additional 1000kcal, with some nice finger foods - yummy & tasty but at the same time, your life style is adding fat to your body. You may look at your slowly growing tummy if you are doubt about it.

Malaysia is famous and popular for its local delicacies, at the same time with influence from western fast food culture. So you will always see a nice mix of Malaysian + Western Foods during buffet, your reunion dinner, outing.. is just too much to mention.

Let me introduce Malaysia top 5 killer Foods:

Mee Goreng Mamak (Indian Muslim Fried Noodle)
Another common food in Malaysia mamak/Indian restaurant. Noodles fried with chicken/beef or mutton cubes.
Calorie: 630kcal
Killer Rating: ****

Nasi Goreng Kampung(Indian Muslim Fried Rice)
A very common food that you can find in every single mamak store. Main ingredient is rice and fried with oils, with some chicken cubes or chopped fried chicken.
Calorie: 600-800kcal
Killer Rating: ****

Banana Leaf Rice, this is a common South Indian cuisine with white rice serves with banana leaf, together with some side dishes like veges, chicken, mutton or sea foods. Curry is added to the rice for the perfection of taste.

Calorie: 700kcal (depends on your dishes)
Killer Rating: ****

Roti Canai (Indian's bread), typical Indian style breakfast with pan fried bread serves with curry or sambal(Chili paste).

Calorie: 300kcal
Killer Rating: *****
Normally, we will have 2 pieces which = 600kcal

Nasi Lemak (Coconut milk rice serve with sambal chili, fried dry fishes, fried peanuts, egg & cucumber slides) Some nasi lemak serves with rendang chiken. This is All Malaysian Breakfast/Supper top selection.

Calorie: 300kcal (Normal)
Calorie: 600kcal (Nasi Lemak Rendang)
Killer Rating: *****
Due to the nice aroma and taste, 1 pack is not enough. 2-3 packs are just nice :)

Friday, 2 September 2011

Back to the BASIC

Let's back to the basic, a very simple explanation of gaining FAT. Our body is designed to store fat, and this is how our ancestors survived. Your body total energy intake (in Calorie) should not exceed total energy required. So the formula here is:

Energy Intake - Total Energy Required = Fat Stored

I take a standard male who works in office like most of us, the energy required is approximately 1800-2000kcal. If the guy is taking more than 2000kcal of energy, then he is gaining fat.

2200kcal - 2000kcal = 200kcal

So by only looking at energy intake, you should know what you are eating.

About Obesity

What is obesity? This word is widely use nowadays thanks to all the modern living. In short, obesity means way overweight, you are not at your desire weight. Another way to measure your obesity is your Body Mass Index (BMI), your height to weight ratio. It should not exceed 24, unless you are an athlete or body builder.

How to Measure Your BMI? Please click HERE
Another way is to check your body fat level, which you can easily get it via a body composition analyzer.
A healthy person should not have more than 25% of body fat, if your body fat is over 30%, then you are considered obese.

Before I go further, lets see some interesting statistics:

Malaysia = SEA Fattest Country, 6th in Asia
2 out of 5 adults are overweight in Malaysia
38% youngsters(Age 12-18) are overweight in Malaysia

What Obesity can do for you?

Besides not good looking, keep buying bigger size clothes, what else it can impact you?
It creates more damage than you can ever imagine.
Research study shows that obesity is the main contribution to:

1. High Cholesterol Level
2. High Blood Pressure
3. Type 2 Diabetes

Next topic would be a post moterm on obesity.